Dr. Harwindar Singh

Assoc Prof Dr. Harwindar Singh is a consultant and trainer in the key areas of finance and strategy, risk management and development of management competencies in key areas of  business performance management  and  development  of  the  business  canvas.

Dr Harwindar graduated in December 1984 with The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA - UK). He is currently a Fellow member and immediate past President  of the local Alumni chapter of  the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA - Australia). His Doctorate from the Ifugao State University of  Philippines is based on Internal Controls over Financial Reporting for better Corporate Governance.

He is currently serving as the Dean, School of Business with Malaysia University of Science and Technology.

Finance Fundamentals:
Part 1 – Maintaining good financial records
Part 2 – Key aspects of good financial management

Key takeaways:

1. Learn financial terms for better understanding of financial reports

2. Understand the key factors for business sustainability in financial terms.

3. Develop ability to analyse data in annual reports to better understanding of financial performance.

4. Understand how financial reporting  systems  work

5. Move from managing profits to managing value creation.

Dr. Harwindar Singh