Kemalatha Nagalingam

Miss Kemalatha Nagalingam graduated from her ICSA studies in 1982 and obtained her Bachelor of Laws from the University of London, England. She then pursued her LLM at University of Malaya, Malaysia and successfully completed it in 2006.

Miss Kemalatha has been lecturing law related subjects in various private institutions for the last 25 years.

She has also been involved in conducting various in - house corporate training programmes. Currently, she is also the legal advisor for Censof Bhd, a public listed company in Bursa Malaysia and its subsidiaries.

Types of Business Units, Business Registration and Funding for Business Start Ups

Key takeaways:

This program will cover mainly the following aspects:

1. Difference between sole proprietorships, partnerships and companies

2. Formation of the different types of business units

3. Nature of the relationship among partners and their duties towards one another

4. Liability of various partners for partnership debts and liabilities in a conventional partnership

5. Fundamental characteristics of a limited liability partnership

6. Different types of companies – private, public and exempt private companies

7. Effect of separate legal personality and the veil of incorporation

8. Various financing made available under the current economic climate.

Kemalatha Nagalingam