Nur Kaser

As A Founder Of Knowledgehive International, Nur Kaser Is Actively Involved In Entrepreneurship. She's A Global Speaker On Entrepreneurship, Startup Mentorship Under Futurelab Malaysia & Pioneer Ngo With Zarith Sophia Foundation Negeri Johor Under The “B40 Sponsor A Child Education Program”

She Offers Strategic Business Solutions And Advise To Budding Entrepreneurs To Grow And Strategize Their Business. Her Vast Experience In Customer Service Spins From The National Airlines Where She Served For 23 Years.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Key takeaways:

1. Connect with your customers at a deeper level

2. Build your Brand to retain your customers

3. Treatment Performance for loyalty programs

4. Engaging Mail to Capture Customers

5. Create a Customer Retention Strategy

Nur Kaser