Raja Singham

Mr. Raja Singham, the Founder and Managing Director of the BAC Education Group is an Educator, Entrepreneur and Social Leader. A visionary by all standards and entrepreneurial in the many initiatives he has introduced within the industry, Mr. Raja Singham envisions to impact 10 million lives by 2030. His strategic intent is to bring about a change in the lives of individuals and communities through education and social good.

Responding to the crises of the pandemic, Mr. Raja Singham has over the past 12 months, introduced digital platforms to help educate and empower students, unemployed graduates, retrenched workers and B40 communities sustain themselves through upskilling and reskilling. The brainchild of the LEARN Different concept, Mr. Raja Singham believes in integrating the 4 pillars of Learn, Work, Play and Impact to bring about a holistic development in the students and employees of the BAC Education Group. The LEARN Different concept drives student engagement and employee engagement by giving individuals an opportunity to experience learning and working in a creative manner.

Mr. Raja Singham holds several key portfolios as Founder of the Make It Right Movement, Founder of BACFlix (the largest free education initiative by the private sector in Malaysia), Secretary of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council Malaysia, Lead Mentor of the ASEAN Mentorship for Entrepreneurs Network, Founding Member of the Free Food Society, Trustee of Challenges Media (a non-profit NGO focused on promoting disability advocacy and developing inclusive communities), Council Member of the Society for the Severely Mentally Handicapped, Trustee of the Rachel Siew Trust Fund (to educate, advocate and represent affected individuals with Rare Diseases) and many other social good organisations.

Key takeaways:

1. Learn the tools, techniques and strategies to build and grow your business in the new normal through the Entrepreneurship Masterclass Series

2. Learn, experience and enjoy the Storytelling of an Entrepreneur who shares his challenges, 'downside,' 'pain points,' success stories and steep learning curve of an entrepreneurial journey

3. Get involved in humanitarian assistance and community development by learning how to partner the social good platforms

Raja Singham